Salvation Army Kroc center

867 dewey st. sw, atlanta ga. 30310

NGA Atlantic Classic pro qualifier :  Sat., June 22, 2019 @  9am & 2pm

​​​Stay tuned for our next competition | Late summer 2019

do you want to compete?  Follow these 6 easy steps


Step 1:   Learn about the NGA Rules


Step 2:  Make sure you are a current NGA member   

                (Annual $75 Amateur & $105 Pro membership cards paid to the NGA Sanction, not us.)


Step 3:  Pay Entry fees( 115 for Amatuers)

Step 3:   Complete On-line Application here

                      If you are not able to complete online, please contact us at or 770-846-0931

                   (Late fee after june 15th $35.00)


Step 4:  Seal the Deal 

                     Pay $115 for Amateur or $165 for Pro entries, after completing the application.

Step 5: Now Go Tell Everybody!!

let all of your friends & family KNOW about your courageous commitment!   it will help hold you accountable when training gets rough (and it will), but it will also fill them with pride and inspiration. 

Step 6: Show-up to Compete

Check-in will be Friday, june 21, 2019 from 2pm - 6pm. More information will be emailed to you once you complete your entry fee and application.